My First “Virtual” 10K Race

Yesterday was a great day. I booked a flight for next Thursday, Dec. 29th, to Detroit to meet Parker!!  I cannot wait and will blog more about it next week.  I also ran in my first “Virtual” Holiday 10K with over 250 people I don’t know and with one person I do know who Finished Strong with me today, completing 23 consecutive days of running and logging ~149 Miles!!

Ashley Rudolph Diamond and I worked together at P&G. She lives in NY now and is an accomplished blogger ( and avid runner. She helped create the Virtual 10k.

As she said in her recent blog post, Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K:

“Now that 2011 is about to close and we are rushing home or to friends and families for the holidays, we wanted one last chance to enjoy that Runner’s High before we said our official goodbye to 2011.  I don’t know about you, but in our areas there were not many options for races this weekend.  People are BUSY!  It is Christmas and Hanukkah this week, so we get it.  That is why all the holiday races were previous weeks.  But we wanted MORE!!”  Plus, what better way to burn off some holiday stressors and a few of those extra cookies than kicking out a 10K with some of your closest friends and bloggers!!

After a few Twitter messages, she met some new friends and together created the “Home for the Holidays” Virtual 10k. Its a simple concept: instead of actually going to a designated area to an official race, you get to do it on your own time (within a certain deadline) and at your own place.  Ashley and her friends organized it all and all we had to do was just to run a 10K race and report back – tell them how it went, send in funny stories, pictures, whatever.  You can get friends to do it with you in person or just rock it on your treadmill. Whatever works, anything goes!  Holidays are stressful and crazy.  This is supposed to be fun, healthy, and enjoyable!!! As of yesterday over 250 people has “registered” to race sometime from Friday to Monday.

Megan Folkerth and I joined the virtual 10K and were among the first to race by meeting up this morning. Megan is fast, having set a Personal Record in the Indianapolis Marathon and qualified for Boston, and she is also crazy (in a good way). She joined a small group of runners doing the “Running Advent”. You start on December 1st and run every day until December 23rd.  You add 1 mile each day until you reach 12 miles on December 12th then work your way back down to 1 mile! When all is said and done, it works out to 144 miles in 23 days. Today was a big deal for her. This would be the last day and last mile of her month-long run!! See all the details here on her blog:

We took off from Awakenings Coffee Shop on Hyde Park Square and before we knew it, we had run one mile. Megan had completed her running Advent!!!!








We “celebrated” her victory with a few photos and a high five, then continued our race.  The balance of the 5.2 miles went really fast – perhaps because we talked the entire time!!!! Before we knew it we were Finishing Strong for Parker in the last half mile.

As luck would have it, we ran into Santa Claus earlier at the coffee shop, and he invited us to sit on his sleigh and get some photos after our race outside the retail Hyde Park footwear shop, Head over Heels.






Megan and I had our Parker shirts and an extra for the Holiday tin man prop I brought from my house.  It was a perfect way to end our “Home for the Holidays 10k” and close out Megan’s Running Advent!





Tisha Way was going to join us but did not feel well in the morning. So in the spirit of our virtual race, this is where she would have been, virtually, if she has been with us! Even Santa missed you….Get well Tisha!!!

It will be fun to follow the other runners over the next three days on Ashley’s blog as they race their 10k.

I returned to Awakenings and met with a friend for coffee. I even ordered a few extra cookies, with not one bit of guilt!!  Happy Christmas Eve!!!