One More Day … and Dealing with Nerves!

Blogs can be informative, blogs can be educational and blogs can also be good for the soul.

But tonight for me, this blog is my solution for insomnia and an avenue to calm some nerves!!!

Tomorrow am I leave St Louis to meet Parker.  I am extremely excited – but also nervous – about meeting Parker for the first time. Not sure why….little P-Man is all of five-years-old!! I get facing a few nerves about an interview or a first date…but a five-year-old!!!

Perhaps I’m a bit intimidated by his dating prowess, envious of his mad skilz with his crayolas or fear of the strides he’s making with his running – 1.75 miles in two days during his last hospital visit. (Detailed in Mike’s blog post: Celebrating the Good and Fearing the Unknown.)

All valid reasons to be nervous, but most likely, it’s just that I hope he likes me.

I think he will, but just in case, I have a secret back up plan. I am prepared. I am bringing toys.Yes, TOYS! In my mind, the best way to a five-year-old’s heart is through toys, specifically as I have learned from Mike and Erica … LEGOS! I will also be wearing my PARKER shirt.  I will also have gifts for Harrison and Madeleine that I think they will like.

It’s hard to believe that this whole project started just two months ago. It’s incredible how connected you can become in such a short period of time. I am also amazed at how closer I am to some people who have joined us on this race and how many new friends I have met through sharing Parker’s story and running /blogging on his behalf.

While writing this blog, I received a message from Erica a few minutes ago. She wrote to me on Facebook:

“When I told him (Parker) it was time for bed tonight he started to cry. He said he didn’t want to go to bed cuz he was gonna miss you! I told him u were coming in the morning. He said “Oh, I thought he was coming tonight!”

So maybe he is as excited to meet me as I am to meet him.

Nerves suddenly seem to have diminished, replaced by more anticipation. I do know that I’ll text Mike when I land in Detroit, Mike will pick me up ~9:30am and we will be eating lunch at Parker’s favorite pizza place.

Oh, and I know tomorrow will go well and can’t wait to share it with everyone!!

And I think I can sleep now.

(Thanks “52.4 in 48” blog page … I appreciate you being there tonight!!!)