Sushi & Ninjago

Madeleine with some of the sushi ingredients

Parker’s Dad again….  and this is going to be a Japanese themed blog…    First of all, I have to say, Tracey’s visit to Michigan was such a blast.  I’m sure you could all tell from the pictures, the kids had a wonderful time meeting Tracey and the day flew by…

As for me and Erica, we cannot thank YOU ALL enough on behalf of not only ourselves but also our whole family for such generosity…  We were truly speechless and we are SOOOOOOO thankful…

So today is New Years Eve and our two older children Madeleine and Harrison have been looking forward to it for quite some time…  Not so much because of tonight but because of what happened this afternoon.

19 Rolls 🙂

We made sushi!!!!!!  It is such a fun family time because it takes a couple hours to complete from start to finishing eating and Harrison and Madeleine simply LOVE the process. (Also, just to clarify, we don’t make the sushi with raw meat, we primarily make it with tempura shrimp, crab meat, chicken or veggie.)   Upon completion, we had made 19 rolls and lunch was AMAZING!!!

Lots of sushi!!!

Another quick topic I wanted to share was Parker’s gift from Tracey, the Ninjago Lego set. It was a great part of Tracey’s visit when Parker attempted to TEACH Tracey how to pronounce “Ninjago”.  Parker told Tracey, “Say it with me, NIN….  JA….. GO….”.  (The “Ja” part has a long A sound.)  Tracey had been pronouncing it as “Ninja Go” and Parker was cracking up since Tracey couldn’t “say it right”.  He has been playing with the set all day and is still playing with it right now on the front room floor.

Parker and his NINJAGO Lego set from Tracey

New years will be fun tonight.  Erica’s sister Amanda and her husband Bob will be coming over for a fun time with the kids.  It will be a nice way to bring in the new year as we reflect back on all the blessings we have as we enter 2012.

Thank YOU ALL for being part of our lives in 2011.

2012 is going to be a fun year… especially when Tracey announces the ‘Parker Project’ plans tomorrow.