The Flat Parker Project

As many of you know, Parker is an adventuresome soul who loves to explore and learn.  However, he is about to enter the most difficult year in his battle against Leukemia and he will not able to travel at all…outside the predictable trips to and from the clinic and hospital.
So we have created a substitute for him – Flat Parker!!








Flat Parker is 9.5” tall and 4.5” wide, weighs less than 3 ounces and will spend the next year traveling for Parker. Where he will go and how he will get there, no one knows – but we will all have the opportunity to find out and follow him together…

There will only be one Flat Parker. He will start with Parker in his home in Michigan. A photo will document the start of his travels. Mike and Erica will decide who to then give Flat Parker to next. That person will TAKE a photo of Flat Parker at a landmark, sign or identifiable location, POST them on Flat Parker’s Facebook site and PASS HIM on to someone else…and so it goes…for one year!! Then on 1/1/2013 we hope Flat Parker makes it back safely to Parker for a photo reunion back at their house. 🙂

To follow Flat Parker on his travel adventure, all you will have to do is “LIKE” him on Facebook.

  • The Project is an experiment in human nature –  Will people really try to help him travel across the US to each state? Who will he meet? Where will people take him?
  • The Project is also intended to be fun and a distraction for Parker as well as Mike, Erica and the family given the difficulties this year is likely to bring.
  • The Project will provide lessons in geography, but also across nature, culture, urban, rural areas – wherever people take Flat Parker will give us a chance to see and learn a little about each location and meet great people along the way.

** I will send Flat Parker to Parker this week.
** This week we will also launch the Flat Parker Facebook Page…so stay tuned – You will receive an opportunity to LIKE him! (Remember he is a five-year-old boy and likes to have lots of friends!!)

When I shared the idea with a few others in the planning stage, two people approached me with a pledge for every state that Flat Parker makes it to in one year!  We now have $5.00/state and $.50/state pledged…Flat Parker makes it to 50 states = $275.00 raised! LOVE IT! (This may also help those who get Flat Parker to keep him moving so we will create a Flat Parker State Tracker!!!)

So if you would like to continue to contribute or were not able with the “52.4 in 48” Adventure – this is your chance.. and you will have an entire year to save!!! (I’m betting 20 states!) Otherwise, sit back and just have fun tracking Flat Parker!!!

The “52.4 in 48” Adventure took on a life of its own thanks to the ideas and inspiration from SO MANY of you who chose to share the passion or shared their ideas.  Jeanette Tromley, who lives in Indiana and I have only met once, was the inspiration for Flat Parker. She reached out and sent me a message, thinking it would be fun for Parker and his family. Many of my friends helped with ideas to bring the Flat Parker Project to life! These ideas helped take the project to a whole new level – and an exciting sense of the unknown!! THANK YOU!

This will be a fun and exciting adventure!!! What better way to kick off 2012!!