What is “52.Four Parker”?

Meet Parker. He is the inspiration for my next adventure. I will be running two marathons back-to-back in early December. The first race will be a 26.2 mile trail Marathon through Death Valley National Park on Dec 3. The following night I will run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. But I will not be doing them alone…

Parker, my cousin’s five-year-old son, is also in a race of his own. A few months ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia. The diagnosis, and events that followed, has flipped their world upside down, as you can imagine.

I hope to share our stories through this blog. Mine, as I face preparing for 52.4 miles and Parker’s, with that of his family, as they face battling against the disease. You will have an opportunity to join us as I will be raising money for Parker, his family, and the Leukemia Society for every mile I am able to complete.
I hope you continue to join us on our journey…and the race we face together.