What is “52.Four Parker”?

Meet Parker. He is the inspiration for my next adventure. I will be running two marathons back-to-back in early December. The first race will be a 26.2 mile trail Marathon through Death Valley National Park on Dec 3. The following night I will run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. But I will not be doing them alone…

Parker, my cousin’s five-year-old son, is also in a race of his own. A few months ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia. The diagnosis, and events that followed, has flipped their world upside down, as you can imagine.

I hope to share our stories through this blog. Mine, as I face preparing for 52.4 miles and Parker’s, with that of his family, as they face battling against the disease. You will have an opportunity to join us as I will be raising money for Parker, his family, and the Leukemia Society for every mile I am able to complete.
I hope you continue to join us on our journey…and the race we face together.

9 thoughts on “What is “52.Four Parker”?

  1. tracey-
    i read about parker and your blog through the moksha newsletter. i am touched by parker’s story and your committment to help your family. parker appears to be an amazingly strong little guy and with everyone’s support and prayers i’m certain he will be just fine! my donation seems ridiculous compared to the 52.4 miles in 48 hours but i hope it helps. thoughts and prayers to you on race day(s) and to parker and his family. i truly wish him amazing amounts of courage and good health.
    stacey hamilton cammack

  2. tracey,
    you the man! this is a major undertaking for an incredibly important cause–that parker is a courageous young fellow. I'm with you both in spirit and I agree with others that parker is fortunate to have you in his life!

  3. What a touching story. My heart goes out to you, Parker, and his parents and siblings. What a brave little boy. I look forward to reading more about his fight and your actions honoring him.

    • Amber – Thanks for sharing blog for Parker!! This adventure is all new to me and a few more changes to the site on the way (Paypal, etc) – but should be an interesting few weeks!!! Lots of pics, illustrations and videos to follow from both our races!!!

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